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Scenic Design Process Materials
The design for VUTheatre's production grew from conversations with director Leah Lowe about setting the pool before a ruined Classical temple. The design was developed after conducting visual research through both 3D computer and physical scale models. I worked closely with Technical Director Matthew Stratton to determine the size and depth of the pool, and to address the structural requirements for the pool and its 2500 gallons of water in order to ensure not only the safety of the performers, but also to prevent damage to Neely Auditorium. I designed the pool to sit within the auditorium's trapped floor. This allowed us to use the building structure to support the weight and to withstand the outward pressure of the water on the pool's walls. Details for this approach are in the drafting below.
Metamorphoses Research.jpg
Metamorphoses Drafting.jpg
3D and Scale Models