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Vanderbilt University Theatre, 2018
Sarah Ruhl's adaptation of Virginia Woolf's Orlando moves fluidly through space and time, encompassing country estates, a Turkish harem, a ship at sea, and a department store as the title character moves from the 15th through the 20th century. The set for the production served to facilitate that fluidity with built in "furniture" covered with white fabric to allow for painting with light. With the dawn of the modern age, the set's organic shapes were sharpened by revealing trusswork and an art deco inspired elevator.
Act I - The 15th Century
00:00 / 00:00
Act II - The 16th Century
00:00 / 00:00
Act III - The 18th Century
00:00 / 00:00
Act I sample
Late English Renaissance music
(John Dowland)
Act II sample
Baroque music
(Henry Purcell, Johann Pachelbel)
Act III sample
Late Baroque to early Classical music (George Fridrich Handel, Johann Nepomuk Hummel)
Act IV - The 19th Century
00:00 / 00:00
Act V - The 20th Century
00:00 / 00:00
Act IV sample
Romantic music
(Giachino Rossini, Claude Debussy, Edward Elgar)
Act V sample
Organ music leads to thunder crash and then transitions to Minimalism
(J.S. Bach, Philip Glass)
To see more about how I developed the scenic and audio designs for this production, please see the process pages for each. 
Director: Jessika Malone
Set Designer: Phillip Franck
Costume Designer: Alexandra Sargent Capps
Lighting Designer: Phillip Franck
Sound Designer: Phillip Franck
Photos by: Phillip Franck
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