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The Pitmen Painters
American Stage Theatre Company, 2016

This play tells the story of a group of British coal miners who discover and begin to create art: the Ashington Group. The lighting for the play featured compositions and colors derived from the miner’s paintings, and was tailored to express time of day and location on the unit set.

Theatre Tampa Bay: Outstanding Lighting Design (Over $500K)

Jointly awarded to Phillip Franck (Lighting Design) and Jerid Fox (Projection Design)

To see more about how I developed the lighting design for this production, please see the process page for the show. 
Director: Brendon Fox
Set Designer: Scott Cooper
Costume Designer: Adrin Puente
Lighting Designer: Phillip Franck
Sound Designer: Rachel Harrison
Projections Designer: Jerid Fox
Photos by: Phillip Franck
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