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The Language Archive
Vanderbilt University Theatre, 2019
The Language Archive is a play about characters who struggle to make connections to the people around them. The fragmented world of the space is populated by those elements that were essential to illustrate the places Julia Cho calls for in the script. Clear composition and color choices helped to support these locations, and to clarify the moments of fantasy in the play. Sound helped to fill out the dramatic world through sound effects, music, and a symphony of languages.
SQ 86 - Train Passing
00:00 / 00:00
SQ 133 - Music and Street Ambience
00:00 / 00:00
SQ 188 - Symphony of Voices
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SQ 86
Train passing by platform from SL to SR.
SQ 133
Music overlaid with street car bells and
children playing.
SQ 188
Symphony of voices composed of over 50 recordings of "I love you" in a variety of languages. Voices appear in left and right speakers, simulating their movement around the space in production. 
To see more about how I developed the audio design for this production, please see the process page for the show. 
Director: Leah Lowe
Set Designer: Phillip Franck
Costume Designer: Alexandra Sargent Capps
Lighting Designer: Phillip Franck
Sound Designer: Phillip Franck
Photos by: Phillip Franck
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