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Vanderbilt University Theatre, 2015
Based on Ovid's Metamorphoses, Mary Zimmerman’s episodic play tells several Greek myths, set in and around a pool of water. As an environment for this iconic pool, we chose a decaying Classical temple to illustrate the enduring nature of the transformational stories told in the play. Vivid lighting transmuted the space, while music helped the storytelling move ever forward.
Alcyone & Ceyx -
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Storm and Naval Battle -
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Alcyone's Waiting and Transformation -
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Music for Alcyone's consent to Ceyx's journey. I was interested in something that would propel Ceyx forward with a sense of optimism. I opted to use "Sun Catcher" by Stephen Scott from Vikings of the Sunrise to capture Ceyx's anticipation.

Music for the storm that leads to Ceyx's battle with Poseiden's henchmen.

Arvo Part's timpani from Lamentate ("Stridendo") stuck me as having the right drama and violence for the storm and battle. As the battle finishes and Ceyx and his crew lie dead in the water, the music changes to another movement from Lamentate, "Solitudine," a somber piece with simple rhythms and melody.

While Alcyone waits in vain for Ceyx's return, I wanted music that supported the longing she feels. I turned to Rachel's The Sea and the Bells, "Tea Merchants."

After Ceyx's body washes up on shore, Aprodite transforms both into sea birds. For this, Erik Satie's Premiere Gymnopedie had the right sense of restrained joy for the moment.

Orpheus & Eurydice Wedding and Funeral -
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Orpheus Descending to the Underworld -
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Orpheus and Eurydice are celebrating their wedding. For this, I liked the gentle and sparse music from Eleni Karaindrou's "Kid's Room" from Music for Greek TV Series. 

After Eurydice is bitten by a snake and dies, the music shifted to the melancholy cello track "Her Kids are Leaving" from the same Kariandrou album.

As Orpheus descends into the Undeworld, I wanted music that was foreboding; Rachel's "Night at Sea" had the proper tone I was looking for. This low rumbling piece was replaced by "Lloyd's Register," music that matched Orpheus's longing as he pleaded with Hades for Eurydice's return. Finally, the journey out of the Underworld was underscored by Eleni Karaindrou's "Wildflower" from Music for Greek TV Series.

To see more about how I developed the scenic design for this production, please see the process page for the show. 
Director: Leah Lowe
Set Designer: Phillip Franck
Costume Designer: Alexandra Sargent Capps
Lighting Designer: Phillip Franck
Sound Designer: Phillip Franck
Photos by: Phillip Franck
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